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Primary Service Areas

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Boss Texas offers all kinds of services relating to the installation and repair of electrical and air conditioning devices. As a company, we have been certified by the relevant authorities to offer services, such as installation and repair of heating equipment, air conditioning repair, and installation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment among other services. Therefore, when you choose to work with us, you can be assured that you will be working with an organization that provides professional services.

We serve customers who are located in Horseshoe Bay, TX as well the cities that are within the neighborhood, such as Burnet and Marble Falls. Therefore, if you reside in any of these cities or the areas that are close to these cities, you will be able to access our services. Over time, we have built a reputation as a reliable company by delivering in terms of quality and timely completion of work.

To serve our customers better, we have different teams that specialize in different areas such as installation and repair of heating units, air conditioning repair and installation and inspection of exhaust fans among others. By having our technicians work in teams, we are able to serve our customers more efficiently and hence reach many clients within short periods of time.

Our staff members have also been trained on the need to interact with customers well. This enables our customers to enjoy a cordial working relationship with our technicians. In turn, we are able to manage any misunderstandings that may occur between us and our customers since we are always able to understand our clients well.

We have attractive rates for the different services that we provide. If you live in Horseshoe Bay, Leander, Liberty Hill or any of the adjacent areas, we shall be able to reach you. Get in touch with us for more information about the services and our rates.


Has your Internet search in recent times involved the words ‘replace air conditioning’? Are you worried about where to get a reliable contractor to repair your air conditioning system or install a new unit? If these questions highlight some of your needs, then you need to try Air Boss Texas.

At Air Boss Texas, we are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of all kinds of air conditioning equipment. We also install and repair different kinds of electrical equipment, including electric ovens, electrics fires and refrigeration systems among others. This means that if you have any work that needs to be done with respect to air conditioners or electrical installations, you will be in good hands working with us. You can find us if you are in Leander, TX or within any of the surrounding cities, such as Horseshoe Bay and Liberty Hill.

Over the years that we have been working as a contractor, we have developed practical experience in handling various kinds of installation, maintenance and repair works. The experience, coupled with the advanced training that our technicians have received, means that we are one of the best companies providing services in our field. For instance, when it comes to air conditioning equipment maintenance and repair, our technicians are experts in carrying out all the tasks that are required. Examples of such tasks include changing filters, fixing air leaks, insulation of various components, and how to service the compressor.

Therefore, if you have recently searched ‘replace air conditioning’, it is very likely that we have a solution for your problem. We will safely disassemble your old air conditioning system and replace it with a new one. Whether you are based in Leander, TX or any of the nearby regions, we shall be able to serve you if you contact us.


Do you have a building in Liberty Hill, TX or any of the surrounding areas? Do you wish to have the building’s air conditioning system maintained by a professional air conditioning contractor? Or would you like to install a new air conditioner in your premises? If you have responded with a ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it would be a good idea to work with Air Boss Texas.

Air Boss Texas has been in operation for a number of years now. As a company, we decided to focus on providing affordable and high quality air conditioning installation, maintenance and renovation services. This decision was informed by the realization that although there are many contractors offering the services that we provide, only a few of the businesses deliver the quality of work that clients desire. Therefore, for Air Boss Texas, our aim is to stand out among other contractors as an organization that satisfies every need that a customer has.

To achieve our aspiration, we have a team of dedicated technicians who work closely with our customers to understand the specific details of what they need. Our technicians have been in the field providing air conditioning services over the years. We rely on this experience to meet the expectations of our clients. To add on that, we have invested in advanced equipment to help us perform our tasks fast and accurately.

We have also made our services accessible to many clients by spreading our presence to areas beyond Liberty Hill, such as Burnet, Horseshoe Bay, Leander and Marble Falls. This means that if you are located in any of these areas and are looking for an air conditioning contractor, you can easily find us.

For more information about Air Boss Texas, you can reach us by paying us a visit, sending us an email or calling our offices via our phone number.

Fix my Air Conditioning

Have you recently used the phrase ‘fix my air conditioning’ in your online search? Are you a resident of Marble Falls, TX or any of the nearby cities like Burnet and Leander? Did you know that you can get a reliable and professional contractor to do all your air conditioning and electrical installation works? If these questions resonate with your situation, you need to talk to Air Boss Texas. We offer all manner of services that are related to electrical installations and air conditioning systems.

We have grouped our services into three categories: installation of new systems, maintenance of existing systems, and repair of systems that have various problems. In other words, we are a one-stop shop when it comes to providing services that relate to electrical and air conditioning systems.

To perform our duties well, we have competent technicians who undergo continuous training to ensure that they are in touch with modern air conditioning equipment and electrical systems. For electrical installation, we have teams of electricians who work carefully to ensure that each appliance is installed safely. Every electrician in our team has been certified by the relevant authorities, thus ensuring that we have professional people handling our customers’ projects at any given time.

Air Boss Texas also prides itself in having competence fine-tuning air conditioning equipment as this has been one of our specialties since we started operating. Therefore, if the words ‘fix my air conditioning’ have been part of your keywords in your search for an air conditioning expert, you can be assured that you will get quality when you choose to work with us.

We can also dispatch individual members of our teams if you require minor repairs or installations in your premises. For instance, we can send an electrician to fix your electrical gadgets if you make that request. Talk to us about any installation or repair works and we will offer you an affordable package.

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